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Life Less Cluttered

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Welcome. Let’s Declutter Together.

Have you ever felt like you live in a constant state of clutter?

That was me, Amanda, in 2015 a few years after the birth of my second child and leaving my career to become a stay-at-home mom. Between being mom to two young people and maintaining the ever-growing chore list to keep a family of four fed, clean and comfortable, I realized my biggest discomfort was found in a trap that I had created for myself: my stuff, my clutter. Frustration arose inside of me every time I tip-toed over a toy or spent countless minutes searching for a lost item. Exhaustion mounted and piled up like the clutter that surrounded me. It was time to come face-to-face with the madness. From that point on I committed to living in a constant state of declutter. I knew I had to break the generational curse of excessive consumerism off of my family, so I began to implement a system in our home that would create healthy habits for myself and my children to learn how to live a Life Less Cluttered.

We’ll always be a work in progress. After all, it took the first part of my adulthood and 12 years of marriage to collect the clutter that overwhelmed me, but in the last 5 years I have learned so much on this declutter journey. I have gained freedom over my stuff and now spend my energy on deserving priorities. Come join me on this journey and find inspiration as you begin to reclaim peace once buried among things.

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Our homes should exemplify the functionality of our lives.

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