Practical DIY No 1: Bread Ties

Back story: I like bread. I like bread ties. That’s about it.

I find bread ties to be useful for just about everything; and to be clear, I mean the wire kind, not the flat plastic squarish ones. Those are useless.

Need to tie some cords together? Bread Tie. Need to close a non-bread open bag of food? Bread tie. Need to hold your jeans together if the button falls off or you’re feeling a little full? Bread tie. Need to hold your hair back without a scrunchie? A bread tie will be there for you.

I save my bread ties from my bread bags and you should too, but they can present clutter if you don’t have a designated space for them. So what is one to do? Let’s get right to the solution…

Problem: All my handy extra bread ties are getting lost in my drawers causing strife in my life when they should be the answer to all of my problems.

Solution: Command Hooks + Extra Strength Magnets = A Special Home for My Ties

before the magic
installation complete

You can find both of the items in first photo at your local Walmart for around $8 total. You’ll want to find a place tucked away inside a cabinet door to adhere your magnets onto. Simply attach your magnets like you would a frame to a wall using the command hooks. Because the bread ties are metal, they’ll stay there until you need them. I use two magnets to hold my plethora of ties. You can use this same idea in a craft or office space to hold paper clips, sewing needles, hair pins or any other handy metal tool.

I hope you find this simple solution helpful. Comment below to let me know what you think.

My you find yourself on the pursuit to a life less cluttered…

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