Outta Hand Closet

As we are nearing Christmastime, I’d bet there are a few wardrobe related items on the wish list of most adult women (and men, too).

In the Life Less Cluttered curriculum I go into more detail about closet organization, but one general rule to apply to your wardrobe to keep it from getting out of hand is Buy to Replace.

I began to apply this rule to my closet in our old house, firstly, because my husband and I SHARED a 1.5 ft x 3 ft closet. Secondly, I’ve realized over my adult life that no matter the amount of clothes I had, it seemed I never had anything to wear.

I was determined to maintain a smaller wardrobe AND like what I wore. I managed to reduce the amount of clothes I had to an amount that fit in my closet and allowed me to find everything I had. (You can cram twice as much as you should into a space but it will be harder to find what you have.)

Once I got down to that ideal amount, I now make an effort to buy higher quality pieces and only buy to replace. If a replaced item is in good condition, it’s donated. If it has holes, rips or stains, it goes in the trash.

My closet is not a capsule wardrobe, and my love of color made it a bit more challenging to organize, but I’m so much happier with it now. I’ve used the ‘Buy to Replace’ method for a few years and it works so well. It forces me to decide if I really want something and if I decide that I do, I must reevaluate the pieces I already own that I’m not wearing consistently.

For instance, I really would like a second pair of jeans, but when the time comes and I buy them, I will donate another pair of pants I already own but only wear with a few outfits. I know jeans will be more versatile than the pair of pants I plan to donate and will coordinate with more of my closet, thus opening up more outfit options but not increasing the amount of clothes I own.

My personal goal is to invest in ethically made, quality pieces or shop exclusively second-hand. I have also learned to pass up free shirts if I feel they won’t add to the functionally of my wardrobe and drop the guilt that comes with keeping items just because someone gave them to me. If I am given a piece of clothing that doesn’t suit me, I’ll gladly pay it forward and pass it to the next recipient who might actually enjoy having it.

Just something to think about as we approach this holiday season.

May you find yourself on the pursuit to a life less cluttered…

Follow me on Instagram. For more information on the full curriculum, email llesscluttered@gmail.com. Life Less Cluttered is a Biblical Curriculum for the Woman Overwhelmed with the Amount of Stuff in Her Home.

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