Practical DIY No. 4: Phone Pocket Thing

I had some Command Strips left over from DIY No. 1 and I really needed a place to keep my phone close by but off of the kitchen counters, which is frequently wet or gross, because… I have kids, or maybe I’m just gross. I wanted something relatively cheap that didn’t look like I’d cut up an empty shampoo bottle to make a phone wall pocket, because apparently that’s a thing.

I’ve been using this solution for a few weeks now. I wanted to test the strength of the Command Strips. Seems to work just fine for my phone, but do this one at your own risk because all devices come in different sizes. It’s possible that if I had a thicker case on my phone, these specific clips may not have been wide enough at the top to hold it.

Problem: I needed somewhere to store my phone off of the kitchen counters. Solution: Command Strips + Bag Clips = Phone Pocket Thing

Two spice bottles weren’t not a permanent solution.

I found a 3 pack of plastic chip clips at Walmart for $1.98. I almost bought wooden laundry clips, but I’m not sure those would have looked very nice stuck on the side of a kitchen cabinet. Oversized, multi-color laundry clips would be cute in a laundry room or craft space though. I stuck the strips to the back of the clips and then onto the wall and tada!

The black clips actually look quite nice and fit in nicely with our kitchen decor.

I have used it for my iPad also. It is a bit heavy and one of the strips began to detach from the wall so I did not continue. I may place another set on another wall with stronger strips, and wherever it goes it won’t be too high just in case.

I supposed I could use the actual clip parts to hold sweet little notes, honey-do lists, or recipes while I cook. Anyway, for $2 (not counting the cost of the Command Strips) I’m thrilled!

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