Practical DIY No. 6: Hair Ties and Push Pins

I’ve struggled with losing hair ties at the bottom of my drawer. Even if I always place them in my bathroom cabinet drawer, they seems to slowly disappear over time until I’m hard-pressed to find one. I needed a better solution.

Problem: Hair ties disappearing like socks in a dryer. Solution: Two Extra Large Push Pins + A Hammer + A Drawer = A Home for My Hair Ties

This is a super simple DIY. Take two extra large push pins and gently hammer them into the backside of a drawer face. Place them apart just enough to slightly stretch your hair ties around them. I doubled up and did two rows of two in my drawer.

You can find a set of 12 pins at Staples for $4.99. This would be a great DIY to buy a pack and split with friends or put in multiple drawers in your own home for yourself or your daughters. Could even be a great solution for storing rubber bands in an office or workshop space.

Once I did this, I noticed my hair ties sticking around much longer. Simple solutions to make life a little easier. Yes, please!

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