Kind Words

I love the women that I get to meet. One-on-one coaching gives us the chance to work through individual frustrations and personally tailored goals that group coaching is not designed to tackle. Sometimes explaining what I do is better said through someone else’s words. Jenny’s words truly sums up my passion for the goals I strive to achieve with anyone I work with. Living within the means of your house and defining your spaces can create new solutions for organizing your stuff, often times without spending any money. Her story is a great example. Shared with permission.

“I knew I needed help with decluttering, so I signed up for personal coaching with Amanda. I realized I would be a tough client, because I have always struggled with clutter and lack of organization. None of the many organizational tips and tools have helped me. Amanda was not intimidated. Her questionnaire and our initial consultation revealed what she needed to know to get started.

Amanda has helped me with decluttering as I expected, and that has given me such pleasure as I walk through my calming space instead of my typical stress-inducing atmosphere. 

I was, however, pleasantly surprised by the added bonus of her insights on organizing and making my space more functional. As a person with debilitating fatigue and joint pain, the changes in my kitchen immediately helped me to easily prepare meals, saving much time and many unnecessary steps.

Another surprising bonus was Amanda’s focus on helping me to create a home that is a personal sanctuary. She noticed items that give me pleasure and suggested creative ways to display them.

I appreciate that Amanda has worked with the space and items I have, discouraging thoughts of spending and remodeling as the only solutions. With one suggestion that cost $0, she solved a problem I have endured for 24 yrs. My solution was an upcoming $15,000+ renovation. With another $0 suggestion, she solved an annoying issue in my kitchen. I am now much more satisfied with the layout of my kitchen. Another $0 suggestion has made my space more visually enjoyable. No price tag can be put on that. 

After only two sessions focused on my kitchen/pantry area, I am changed. I have experienced the benefits of Life Less Cluttered. I am excited to see what ideas Amanda has for all of the other areas of my home. 

Amanda, I thank you! My husband thanks you! My kids thank you! 
But I must say, the loan officer at my bank is really upset with you!”

-Jenny F., Satisfied Client

If you are interested in setting up coaching sessions, visit my schedule to set up an initial discovery chat. For general questions, contact me here or visit my faq page.

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