Practical DIY No 10: Removing Sticker Residue

I like a good drop-and-go type situation. It makes me feel like I’m working smarter, not harder. For example crock pot meals, drop everything in the pot, walk away and you have dinner 8 hours later. Or using vinegar to clean nasty food off of my stainless steel pans. Fill the bottom with straight vinegar, leave to soak for several hours, then easily wipe clean, spray rinse, done. I like to know my efforts are working behind the scenes when I’m working on other things or spending time with the kids.

Of course there are those drop-and-go situations that back fire, like starting a load of laundry and realizing you multi-tasked so much you forgot about the clothes and 3 days later they’re sour. Been there.

Here is a drop-and-go that truly will not go sour no matter how long you leave it. I cringe a little every time I buy a frame and the price sticker is directly on the glass so after much trial and error, I found an easy solution involving coconut oil and a little bit of time.

By peeling, remove what you can of the sticker. Usually as long at you can see rough paper under the printed part, then the coconut oil will do its magic. Spread coconut oil over the sticker and leave for several hours. I usually leave it overnight. The oil will soften the adhesive and you should be able to wipe away the remaining oily residue with a paper towel.

Found this frame at Hobby Lobby. Love this print from Candace Fincher Art on Etsy. Beautiful addition to our homeschool room.
The original sticker peeled off well but still left a good bit of residue.
After the oil has sat for a few hours. Wiping off with a paper towel.

To remove the oil, clean the glass with a half vinegar/water mix and a dry washcloth. I used this trick often to remove brand labels from glass spice jars. It also worked to remove old stickers from my son’s silicone phone case. We removed the phone before applying the oil and made sure the case was clean and dry before reinserting the phone. He was excited to have a seemingly new case.

I use virgin unrefined coconut oil and not the cooking version but I don’t know that it would make a difference either way. Let me know what you think about this little hack.

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